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Welcome to Titles-On, a global localization company providing dubbing, subtitling and closed captions to video-streaming platforms and broadcasters around the world. You can rest assured knowing that any subtitles and closed captions created by us will be approved by broadcasters as well as streaming platforms in any territory of your choice.

Closed Captions

Perfect not just for the hard of hearing, closed captions can help understand dialogue, offer language support and improve literacy.


Subtitle translations are essential for understanding. We work with specialists from around the world to translate your work into multiple languages.


For children, it's the only option. Adults enjoy it too and its a great alternative to subtitles for those who prefer to listen rather than read.

100% Guarantee

Everything we create is backed by our 100% acceptance guarantee.

Audio Description

Originally conceived as an access service for the blind and the partially sighted, audio description helps to make your content available to all.

Best Technology

Our work is stitched together by cloud technologies, connectivity, and the best industry software.

About Titles-On

The future is now

Titles-On is a global company drawing on talent from around the world, where people are encouraged to develop their skills so they can perform to the best of their abilities.

We recognise that the future of work is remote and that’s why we match qualified talent with the best remote opportunities there are.

Freelance translators, as well as our editors and administrative team, work from workstations around the world, stitched together by cloud technologies, connectivity, and the best industry software.

Latest News

 A selection of industry news and blog articles from Titles On

Some Korean fans of Squid, the new hit Netflix show, have claimed that 'botched' subtitles are changing the meaning for English speaking viewers.  

Titles-On is excited to welcome Aase Leknes to their growing team of top localisation executives!

We often get asked to subtitle or caption very creative films, many from independent film makers and some from larger clients that might be controversial in nature.




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