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Squid Game subtitles 'change meaning' of Netflix show

Some Korean fans of Squid, the new hit Netflix show, have claimed that 'botched' subtitles are changing the meaning for English speaking viewers.  

About an alternative world where people in debt compete in deadly games, the series has proved hugely popular since its release in September of this year and is on track to beat Bridgerton to become its biggest original series.

In a Twitter post, Youngmi, one of Korean's Squid fans, wrote '"The dialogue was so well written and zero of it was preserved" with the subtitles "so bad" that the original meaning is often lost.  

Youngmi gave several examples of mistranslation in a TikTok video that has so far amassed over none million views. 

In one scene a character tries to convince people to play the game with her, and the closed-caption subtitles read: "I'm not a genius, but I still got it worked out."

But what the character actually says, Youngmi explains, is: "I am very smart, I just never got a chance to study."

Youngmi says that it "seems so small, but it's the entire purpose of the character's purpose of being in the show."

Youngmi has since clarified that the English language subtitles are "substantially better" than the closed-caption ones but that "The misses in the metaphors - and what the writers were trying to actually say - are still pretty present."

This is why subtitling and closed captioning is an art and dedicated translators who share our passion for language are key to accuracy that doesn't change the meaning.

Titles-On now has a Korean branch and will be launching their Korean website very soon - watch this space for details, and if you want subtitles or closed captions that keep the original meaning intact, contact the experts -we're here to help!

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