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Five reasons the global localisation industry is growing faster than ever.

Since 2013, the amount of people working in the translation industry has doubled and employment is expected to grow further as we move forward. Here are just five reasons why the industry has grown and is set to grow even further over the coming years - if you are a translator looking for new and exciting opportunities, now is the time to get involved!

1. The pandemic
Like many industries, translation was greatly impacted and changed by the pandemic. Trends that were already in the beginning stages, such as working from home and e-learning, greatly accelerated which has been great for company's such as Titles-On that values home working as an effective way to connect teams across the globe. This trend seems to be continuing with more businesses willing to work remotely and smartly for the benefit of the environment and connectivity.

2. Tech and Globalisation
For innovation in tech to thrive, communication between different parts of the world is necessary. Naturally we need more translators and interpreters to aid communication. Worldwide connections are now regarded as a fundamental part of all communications, especially film and television which not only entertains, but informs and educates as well.

3. Short-form video and streaming services
With younger generations living their lives online there's been a need to adapt content for an online market. Apps with short form content like YouTube and TikTok are bigger than ever and streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and more continue to keep growing. There's also been huge growth when it comes to foreign films and shows, with successes like Parasite and Squid Game showing that people on a large scale want to see stories from other cultures.

4. More people want to translate
The amount of people wanting to break into the translation industry has grown. For many people who lost their job during the pandemic, turning to their language skills gave them an opportunity to earn from their home, whilst being able to work flexibly. The field is simply becoming more attractive to more people as they rethink their priorities and values.

5. Artificial intelligence
While automatic translations by machines have become much better over the years, it's not perfect. Saying that, these tools offer exciting opportunities for the future, and combined with human translators who may have tacit knowledge that some machines lack, translation is an exciting realm to be in.

If you are a translator who is considering a career in the film industry, we can recommend some great courses in audiovisual translation and media localization - get in touch!

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