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Closed Captions (or CC) and Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH or HoH) are subtitles that include important non-dialogue clues such as sound effects and indications of who is speaking when the speaker is not visible on the screen. While translated subtitles assume the viewer can hear the audio but doesn’t know the spoken language, CCs and SDHs assume that the viewer cannot hear the audio.

Closed captions are typically written in the same language as the audio, while SDH may or may not be translated into other languages.

Streaming platforms, broadcasters, TV-channels, DVD distributors often have different preferences on how the captions or subtitles should be displayed. Titles-On customizes your captions and subtitles to match any requirement needed.

Closed captioning is a legal requirement in the UK and US for all nationally broadcast media including satellite television providers, terrestrial, digital and cabling companies. The obligation for closed captioning is a growing industry and closed captioning is now often used in movie theatres, cinemas, on DVDs and in most educational videos. 

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