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Dubbing plays an essential role in communicating with international markets as an alternative to subtitling. It is preferred by some because it allows the viewer to focus on the on-screen action, without reading subtitles. For young children or the visually impaired, it is essential to understanding and enjoining film. Think of it as replacing a film’s original dialogue with dialogue in another language.

The dialogue is first translated in such a way that the words match the lip movements of the actors, and then recorded by a cast of voice actors, before sound engineers mix and incorporate the new dialogue tracks to the original video.





The current pandemic has triggered new practices and emphasized how remote workflows will play an important part in localization services, now and in the future.

As an alternative to the physical dubbing studio,  Titles-On offers remote dubbing, using workflows that combine the best of native and cloud technology to meet the needs of end-users and stakeholders.

Voice artists are at their professionally equipped home studio, the director is at another professionally equipped studio. The two studios are connected remotely, and the director can listen to the voice talent and give direction that the talent can hear in their headphones. Clients can join our live recording or mixing sessions via broadcast quality multi-point web audio conferencing.

Sound-proofing equipment and the same type of microphones for all voice artists ensure consistent sound quality. Encryption in transit and robust infrastructure mean that our clients can rest assured that their content is kept confidential and secure.

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